The Benefits of Jogging

Scientists tell running fast at least 25 minutes a day can add 6 years of life expectancy

Benefit of Jogging Every Day

A recent study found the sports regularly can reduce the risk of death of the outcome of a heart attack The impact of this also can happen to those who are new to start the body though in the age of 70 years Sanjay Sharma, Professor Heart St George's UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS NHS foundation trust, in London say sports lightweight can reduce the risk of death until the end of a half a heart attack at the age of 50's and 60's. this study is very relevant.

It shows when someone routinely workout so will slow down the aging process," he quoted from dailymail Monday, 31 August 2015. However, Sanjay said aging is inevitable, but at least can be postponed, as seen more At the young age of 70 years or 90 years FURTHER HE SAYS SPORTS WILL GIVE 5 TO 6 years of life expectancy.

Besides Sports also are anti- Depresan will improve the function and supported koginitive with facts can impede visibility dementia to feel the benefits, at least take the time to 20-25 minutes in a day to walk quickly or jogging relaxing, organ Sanjay. 

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